Saturday, March 20, 2010

What do you do if your erection fade?


I have had an erection for nine hours, and it hasnt gone down. I had sex 8 hrs ago and it wont go down. I am worried that my overdose of Viagra caused this.


just keep mackin dem bizzies.. you'll be a legend

Friday, March 19, 2010

I opened a chain virus email, how do i stop my email from sending it?


It had loads of links with 'google' on it

I clicked one, and it was about viagra LOL, but im scared it will make my email send it to other people, how do i stop this?


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The CIA is giving Viagra to the aging warlords in Afghanistan.?


This has proven to be a successful tactic to gain cooperation and information. What do you think about this?


Afghanistan culture is a physically/geographical demanding one: to survive, become and/or remain a war lord, one would think these individuals would of necessity must, need to be physically very strong and virile.

That they would need viagra is surprising to me; I've not known anyone whose used it - I haven't. So it's difficult for me to relate to those who have, or need to.

I just wish that the waging of this unwinnable war - the USA seems to never learn from its mistakes(Vietnam War), nor those of others(the Russians attempt to subdue Afghanistan); and that the ultimate cost of it, the war, were only as trivial as the price of this aphrodisiac.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Will vicodin or naproxen help face flushing and headache?


I took some Viagra yesterday and those are my current symptoms 18 hours later.


Headache: likely will help. Face flushing: unlikely.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Advice on a crazy question/health issue?


Ok trying to do this in short form, which might make it not make sense, but I know long post are rarely read. I do intend to post this twice today,

Background. Male, early 40's, divorced twice, 2 children both grown, had small health issues for most of my life to include pain in the groin at random, random erectile dis-function, extremely odd dreams, depression, etc. Have a scar on my lower abd, told all my life it was from a hernia I was born with. Well, recently, since it is just me at home, trying to find out just what the heck is going on cause i'd like to not die alone. Doctors did same old test they have for years, no answers. (yes the viagra works, kinda too well), one doctor asked me about that scar and I told him, he had a funny expression to my answer which got me to looking into this more. (Dad's dead and mom insist that it is what I was told, doesn't remember the doctors name) It's been 40 years, but I do remember as a toddler being in and out of hospitals alot and the biggest memory was having alot of pain peeing after wards, and I remembered enuff about the stays to know which hospital. Now when I call, they gave me a run around about the records cause they was so old, blah blah, and finally did get told that they found 2 files, one was "sealed at families request" (what the heck is that?) and the other I got a copy of. The words and all was long and confusing, so took it to my doctor, who told me he would make me a appointment with another doctor to talk about it, wouldn't tell me anything (yesterday) and didn't act like he wanted me to leave with the dang paper, what the heck. So I come home, and search these words and near as I can figure it's a consult between 2 doctors about me, something about dual sets of opposite gonads, mal formed (near as I can understand what it means) female sex organs, the remove of same and repositioning of male parts. Now I'm more than just a little shocked if I'm reading this right and not really sure what all this means. And dang sure embarrassed to no end. I got a feeling the answer to alot of stuff in my life is in my hands and no clue what to do. Yes I know I am going to see this other doctor (looked him up, he's a internist.

Questions are: What is your take on this (no I'm not angry at my parents but I think this is something I should be told) (called a friend who told me to look up intersex on the net, haven't yet, afraid too) At this point in my life and age, am I just wasting money looking into what took place and why? Am I right in thinking this has alot to do with my issues over the years?


Hey Bill,

It is entirely possible you were born with the partial and/or mal-formed sex organs of one or both genders and had sexual *assignment* surgery at a young age.

Given your age and the way things were "back then" it was something that just didn't get all that much publicity The procedure was pretty much kept secret from the children it was performed on for fear of the mental harm it might do to them.

The San Francisco Sex Information website or has info and links on the subject and the intersex website has a lot of info as well.

It is really nothing to be embarrassed about, you were born that way plain and simple.

I do think it wise to become as fully informed as you can on the matter though, it is after all, YOUR body and you have a RIGHT to know everything about it.

Please feel free to contact me here through Yahoo Answers or contact SFSI They have a call in switchboard that's manned from 3-9 PM Pacific time.

Hope this answers your questions

Jim Source(s): San Francisco Sex Information Trained Sex Educator

Monday, February 1, 2010

Computer virus not allowing programs to start? 2 days ago i was on our work computer and decided to check my m?


Computer virus not allowing programs to start?

2 days ago i was on our work computer and decided to check my myspace because i havent in awhile. I was looking at profiles and one made my internet turn completely off. At first the virus just would not allow you to get on the internet, but then we started getting crazy popups from "", "", etc. The computer has a scanner, i ran a scan and tons of viruses were found. The problem is there is no anti virus program to get rid of the virus.

I work in a grill and we use the program quickbooks to process orders, it worked the first day(except we kept getting the annoying popups) but the second day it said the quickbooks file was infected and now quickbooks will not open.

I called my manager and he said he would check it the next day(which is today).

Since there is no anti virus program, will we be able to get rid of the virus and how?



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